OEM/ODM Selfie Stick for YMP Industry Limited
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Custom Selfie Stick

YMP provides custom design and OEM&ODM services, including Bluetooth controller, wire controller, tripod, stabilizer, monopod rotating, wireless charger functions and custom logo&packaging.

If you would like to know more details about our products, please kindly contact us to negotiate the samples order to get the start.

Selfie Stick Customization Process:

Please email us the design drawings of your selfie stick to sale03@ymp.com.hk, if you don't have, please kindly advise us your requirements, including your brand logo, customer groups, usage occasions, quantity, general budget, and other details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at +86 189 389 11183.


Our quotation is referring to the raw materials price in the last 30 days. Selfie stick's product design plan, processing plan, and packing plan are the main factors to affect the price.

After sales:

If our products have any quality problems or are damaged during transportation, please contact us anytime and we will handle the issues immediately. Any losses happened, it's no problem for us to offer refunding or exchange service after verification.



Custom Selfie Stick

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