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Selfie Stick

Custom-design of Flexible Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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Product Info

Product parameters:

Brand: YMP

Product model: YMP-YX19001

Stretch length: 748mm

Product size: 182*40*25mm

Product material: aluminum alloy material

Number of shaft segments: 5 segments

Packing size: 200*45*45mm

Color: silver, red, blue

Weight: 198g

Battery capacity: 65mAh


This foldable Bluetooth tripod selftimer has a small size and can stretch up to 75cm.  Closed is holding a selfie stick, unfolded is a tripod selfie stick, how do you want to shoot just like this.  

At the same time, no matter which type of mobile phone can be used, 90% of the mapping software in the market can be used to take photos and fix the mapping at one time.  


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