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Product Info

Product parameter

Product weight: 125g

Closure size: 19cm

Total length: 76cm

Material: ABS+PC+ Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy

Connection mode: Bluetooth connection

Compatible phones: iPhone 8/8+/X/7/7+/6s/6+/SE, Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/S8/S8+, Android phones

Bluetooth Version: 3.0 High Compatibility

Stretching range of mobile phone bracket: 55-80mm

Product features

This monopod self-timer lever is Bluetooth-controlled, new aluminum pull rod, not only light but also strong, 270-degree rotating bracket, fixed knob, free adjustment of shooting angle, support for mobile phone horizontal and vertical screen switching at will, high quality silicone fixed pad is fixed safely, pull rod anti-slip groove design makes mobile phone no matter how to take it will not fall off.  

Handle Bluetooth button shooting, according to the need to freely switch, photography is more professional, shooting more freely.  Compatible with the vast majority of mobile phones on the market, even if you change your mobile phone, you can still use it directly.



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